Sourcing their teas from locations around the world, Good & Proper Tea are on a mission to transform the way we think about and drink the humble cup of tea. Fed up with the lack of quality and love given to the nation’s favourite hot drink, G&P founder Emilie decided it was time to fire up the water tanks and brew a cup of good and proper tea.

Since Good & Proper Tea’s launch in 2012, the team have taken their much-loved Citroen-H van to events across the UK, feeding and watering thirsty festival-goers as they go. During festival season, the team serve loose leaf, custom-brewed teas and freshly-toasted sourdough crumpets from the back of the van.

The full range of tea and teaware can be found online at, or at their flagship tea bar in Farringdon, as well as in a range of tea-loving café and restaurant partners across the UK.