Ostraca – a familiar Pop-Up Oyster Bar – will be serving up a mouth-watering selection of delicious seafood, including the very choicest oysters, mussels, crabs and lobsters freshly sourced by hand or from local fishermen and top fishing merchants operating in Cornwall and the South West. 

Ostraca is the brain child and passion of Christopher “Ranger”, whose company Fal Oyster Ltd. has been operating as a gatherer and local, national and international supplier of wild oysters and other shellfish sourced directly from the Fal Estuary in Cornwall, since 2012. 

Ranger’s dedication to restoring an old oyster boat in 2008 and to the traditional centuries-old hand-dredging harvesting technique that he uses has earned him a number of features in publications such as BBC CountryfileCountry Living and Hole & Corner magazine. Ranger was also a driving force behind the successful campaign to assign EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status to the ‘Cornish Native Fal Oyster’.

Ostraca will be based up in the enchanting surrounds of the walled garden alongside Le Vignoble whose wines will provide the perfect complement to its fruits de mer menu.  In addition, festival goers will also be able to preorder luxury seafood hampers via the FalOyster.co.uk website ahead of the Festival itself, so that they will be chilled and ready for you when you arrive!