Vintage Doris is a lovingly restored 1967 Cheltenham Sable caravan, providing a truly unique and nostalgic café experience. Relax on the retro deckchairs and enjoy a delicious array of organic cakes and decadent treats. Wake up with a fruity flapjack to go with your morning espresso, a late morning lazy latte with a spiced apple and pumpkin seed muffin or an afternoon tea with a slice of carrot cake.

They care about those of you with special diets and promise that there is no compromising on flavour when it comes to the vegan and gluten free options on offer.  And they cater for kids too. Using compostable cups, renewable energy and choosing organic, fair trade and fair wild means that they are keeping things as eco friendly as possible. They even use recycled paper for their loyalty cards so don’t forget to pick one up when you see them.