Summer at Port Eliot Festival sees a mass-migration of fashion talent to the ancient walled garden on the estate as Sarah Mower, the British Fashion Council’s Ambassador for Emerging Talent, assembles an unthinkably glorious and gifted group of Britain’s foremost designers, to create clothes, accessories and make up for the Port Eliot audience.

“The Wardrobe Department is base-camp for fashion imagination gone wild. We have four walls, a garden and only one rule: that everything we do could only happen here. Top-of-the-range geniuses in clothes design, hair, hats and jewellery are on site offering free-range experiences with the sole objective of letting loose with creative experiments. From children to grown-ups, everyone who steps through our garden gate joins in to dress up, make, sew, draw, paint, create, think, talk and hang around being happy. This is where transformation scenes happen and magical ideas are planted to spring up all over the wide world of fashion.”

Sarah Mower