Take a bow!

Well that was a bit of alright, wasn’t it?! Thank you and thank you again to everyone who made the weekend such a beautiful one. We paddle-boarded with Teri Hatcher, danced gleefully with the London African Gospel Choir in the oldest church in Cornwall, and found out How Not To Be a Boy from Robert Webb. We swam, canoed, cocktailed and danced our little feet off. A year in the making and always over far too fast – we only wish we could rewind and go again. But onwards…

Port Eliot 2019 dates

We’re overjoyed to confirm the dates for next year’s fest, which will take place 25-28th July 2019. Put that firmly in your diary, and we’ll be in touch soon about tickets, which are due to go on sale at the end of October.

The Gallery

If you don’t have a photo, did it really happen? We can’t be sure, but luckily our snappers were all over the place capturing you at your best.  Spot your fine selves here.

‘Til next time, adieu. Love from the Port Eliot team. X

Beautifully bonkers, eclectic and soul-warming; Port Eliot has fast become a highlight of the British festival calendar.” – Evening Standard