Aloha and farewell, Cathy St Germans

We are very sad to say that co-founder and Director, Cathy St Germans, has decided that it is time to move on from the festival. Since 2003, Cathy has brought intelligence, creative direction, style and a healthy touch of the unexpected to the event. She leaves having been a major figure in creating and building an event that we all love. Cathy has helped to create all sorts of memories that are part of Port Eliot history and now we are all committed, perhaps more than ever, to ensuring that this year’s festival is something very special and that Port Eliot goes from strength to strength for many years to come.

The heart of the festival remains as it has always been. Port Eliot will continue to meander through words, music and food, to wellbeing, art, fashion, comedy and many places in between and far beyond. Stages, tents, saloons and wooded glades will continue to be curated by the likes of Caught by the River, The Idler Academy and Lark’s Haven. The poetry stage, curated by Luke Wright and Rosy Carrick, will cement Port Eliot’s place among the most significant homes for poetry of all UK festivals; the Ace of Clubs, the Park, Bowling Green, Walled Garden will be just where you left them (but drier). We will reveal full details and make the next set of 2018 line-up announcements next week.

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