The Woodfired Canteen

The Woodfired Canteen is an inviting and relaxing dining spot next to the House run by Ben Quinn and his team. It’s a safe and comfortable space; a faultless mix of wood-fired food, coffee shop culture, festival vibes and good honest hospitality.

Opening early for that first and all-important morning coffee to fill your re-usable cup, with our chefs lighting the grills and those first smells of cinnamon buns, bacon and fresh bread filling the air.

Lunch served from midday comes fast from the fires and straight to long shared tables. Enjoy a simple menu of bold flavours and seasonal Cornish produce whilst you chat and make plans with the festival soundtrack playing in the background.

Early afternoon, lively conversation will fill the intimate space, with food talks and demonstrations bring guests closer to the subject. Tasters will find their way around the tables while our version of an afternoon tea is available.

And then, the team will make their way out into the festival to lay a long table in special location for 100 guests…