Katie’s Cornish Hotpots

Katie’s Cornish Hot Pots is run by a husband-and-wife team with a twelve year history in both restaurant fine dining and outside catering. They will be serving three very different dishes from around the world, made in their own signature style.

Monk Fish Curry is made with locally sourced fish in a Thai green curry style, with ginger, coriander, green chillies, vegetables and coconut milk.

Moroccan Chicken combines succulent, boneless thighs with a marinade of North African spices, simmered in giant paella pans, with chickpeas, dates, apricots, and fresh coriander.

Caribbean Goat Curry uses boneless goat meat, marinated overnight in a rich Caribbean blend of herbs and spices then cooked until tender in a mild madras with lentils potatoes and coconut milk.

All their dishes are accompanied with a choice of basmati rice cooked with dedicated coconut and red kidney beans, or specially baked flatbreads infused with herbs and spices.