Woody’s Pizza

Woody’s is all about the classic Neapolitan pizza. A light, crispy base made using the finest 00 grade flour, toppings made with the best Italian ingredients and baked fast and fresh in a wood fired oven. It’s simple, satisfying and delicious.

Woody’s pizza guru, Zdenko, wants his pizza to be the best, most amazing pizza you’ve ever eaten. His base is a perfect balance of crispness and softness served deliciously hot and smoky from the wood fired oven.

Toppings are simple, rustic and fresh. They combine classic Italian favourites that never fail to please with their own exciting combinations to tempt and surprise you. The menu has something for everyone. ‘Spicy Fennel Sausage’ pizza is a firm favourite and Zdenko’s latest creation, ‘Foraged Wild Garlic Pesto with Crispy Kale and Courgette’ is going down a storm.

For kids there’s a 9” Margherita and Pepperoni. It’s affordable… and they’ll love it!