For the Early Risers

For the early risers among you, there are a few things that don’t appear on the timetable and which get going before the main festival action starts. Why not enjoy the fresh morning air and sign up for some yoga, tai chi, meditation, or energising dance or running sessions:

Friday 8am Detox and Energise with Kali Green, a keen meditator and advanced yoga teacher who teaches authentic classes from the heart. This workshop restores vibrancy back into tired bodies and minds: blending breath work and moving meditation it stimulates the release of toxins and perks you up. Suitable for all levels. Yogarena

Friday 9am Itchi Feet Yoga is all about fun! Their classes get you focused on your breath and alignment, with a strong influence from Ashtanga (which they like to call power yoga). Come by and see best friends Bertie and Olly for a class, a restoration and a laugh. Yogarena

Saturday 8am Morning Gloryville is the sober morning dance party that inspired millions and pioneered a new global industry. Its founder Samantha Moyo (pictured) will take you on a dance journey that will uplift, energize, and set you up for the day. Wake up and dance. Yogarena

Saturday and Sunday 8.30am and 9.30am Run for Your Life Escape the party for a while and join Mark Bullock, seasoned long distance runner, climber, boulderer, blogger and journalist, exploring the picturesque woodland trails of the Port Eliot estate. There’s a 5km and a gentler 3km with warm-up/cool-down and Q&A session. Sat & Sun 8:30 & 9.30, Meeting point: Workshop Barn Reception

Sunday 8am Aroma Yoga is a beautiful and flowing hatha yoga practice. Jess North will lead you through asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing practice) and a full body relaxation, and your practice will be accompanied by wonderful aromas filling the air to help nourish, uplift and ground you. Yogarena 

Sunday 9am  Tai chi and Qigong are ancient Chinese martial arts performed in slow-motion. The graceful, repetitive movements relax the mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Kath Revell’s sessions include Chen style Tai chi silk reeling exercises, Five Animals Qigong, and a stretching exercise called Shen Jin Ba Gu.