Port Eliot Festival 2019 will take place from 25th – 28th July 2019. Tickets will be on sale from midday on the 30th October. Our first tiers sold in record time last year, so get that date in your diary to make sure you get yours!

Tickets will be sold through our ticket agent The Ticketsellers and will be available on our website at porteliotfestival.com/buy-tickets


deposit ticket

This year, the way we offer our deposit ticket will change slightly. Instead of paying them off in two halves – deposit and balance – you’ll pay the deposit (£90) and then the final half will be paid in three staggered instalments in March (£30), April (£30) & May (£30), making the payments smaller and more manageable. Unlike in previous years, these will come out of your bank account by automatic card payments (set up when you pay your deposit), without you manually having to pay them. You will receive a reminder by email a week before the payment comes out, and if for any reason payment can’t be taken on the day, you’ll receive an email with a link to pay. If it is not paid within 14 days, the deposit will be lost. You are responsible for keeping The Ticketsellers up to date with your card details and email address.



If you plan on bringing a vehicle, please make sure you’ve bought a pass – there is no parking in the village. It’s cheaper to buy your car pass in advance.



Balance your travel miles to the festival with a donation to Energy Revolution. An optional donation will be automatically calculated using your travel distance, though you can pick your own amount. 100% of donations are invested in renewable energy projects, usually in the UK.


Tips for speedy and smooth ticket-buying

Our first tiers really flew out last year, so here are our tips to make sure you’re ready on the starting line:

1. Make a Ticketsellers account in advance here, and make sure you’re logged in ready. If you already have an account, you might want to check you remember the password!

2. Make sure you have your debit/credit card ready (and a spare, as some banks decline one off payments) and correct billing address. Remember to gather the details of any friends you’re buying on behalf of (name, email addresses, postcode). You can buy a maximum of 10 per order.

3. Choose your tickets here and click ‘Reserve Tickets’ at the bottom of the page – your tickets aren’t reserved until they’re in your basket! You’ll then have 15 minutes to complete the purchase. If they’re not paid for within that time, the tickets are returned to the pot, and available to everyone else. As a result of this, some ticket tiers may display as sold out even if they haven’t been bought yet, so it’s worth checking back to see if any reappear.

4. We release our weekend tickets in tiers. Unlike at the theatre, the tier you buy won’t affect your experience, the only difference is the price. If you can afford to get a more expensive one then please do, so that someone less able to has a chance at a cheaper option.

5. Concentrate on buying your entry tickets first. You can log back in for other tickets later if needed.


Refunds & Comments

All Port Eliot Festival Tickets are non-refundable other than for cancellation or significant alteration of the festival.

Our ticket provider, The Ticket Sellers offer Booking Protect Insurance, this is offered by a third party and is not endorsed or provided from the festival. It covers for serious injury or illness and does not cover you if you change your mind.

Any complaints or compliments should be sent via email to info@porteliotfestival.com


Festival Terms & Conditions

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