The following article was published in Q Magazine. You can listen to Louis’s festival playlist on Spotify HERE.

Port Eliot Festival takes place at St Germans in Cornwall between 28-31 July. To guide us through the bill, booker, resident and current employee of Vangoffey and Grace Jones (while a new Embers record will start in November), Louis Eliot has made us a playlist. “I think this is our best music line up yet,” he declares with a spring in his step. “There are lots of places to catch music at Port Eliot Festival; in the Walled Garden, by the river, on the lawn in front of the House and in the Church to name a few. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer.”


Beth Orton_Credit_Tierney Gearon-1
Beth Orton – 1973
“From the brilliant new record she’s made with Fuck Buttons’ Andrew Hung. Playing Friday night on The Park.”


Imarhan – Tahabort
“I’m extremely pleased these guys are coming to the festival. They’re on the crest of a new wave of Taureg musicians. Irresistible North African space grooves blowing in from the Sahara.”


Bill Ryder Jones – Two To Birkenhead 
“I love his recent album. The way the music feels like it’s constantly on the edge of falling apart makes the lyrics all the more poignant.”


NZCALINES_PRESS_SHOT_02_165 FLAT [25%] Credit Robert Self
NZCA Lines – Two Hearts
“This is a bit of a banger. Park Stage, Saturday night. The sun’s going down, the chorus kicks in…and we have lift off.”


Riley Walker – Primrose Green
“People always comment on the beautiful site at Port Eliot Festival. This gorgeous bucolic sound will be ideal down by the boathouse.”


Vangoffey – Trials Of A Modern Man
This is Danny Goffey from Supergrass. The songs on the album are up there with his old band’s finest. Quirky and catchy and slightly mental.


Sam Lee – Black Bird
“One of the shows we’re putting on in the Church. There’s a dark magic to his renditions of ancient story songs that’ll be spell binding in there.”


Sidestepper correct
Sidestepper – Supernatural Soul
“Bringing their warm, good time sound all the way from Colombia to Cornwall.”


Jalen Ngonda – Holler
“Jalen’s just starting out. You can hear Sam Cooke and Otis Redding in here and something that’s all his own. He’ll be in the intimate Ace of Clubs on Saturday.”


MONEY – I’ll Be The Night
“Also in the church. They sound full of despair and yet celebratory. I expect it will be epic.”


Gwenno – Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki
“Gwenno sings in Welsh and in Cornish. This is ‘a song to dance to at the end of the world’ and it sounds as icy and sweet as a sherbet lolly.”


Wesley Gonzalez – Come Through And See Me
“Queasy and angry at the same time. Which is quite a feat. I love it. It’s like Airport by the Motors. With a sick bag. Ace of Clubs Friday evening.”


Aldous Harding – Stop Your tears
“Stained glass, candle light… prepare for a haunting.”


Bo Ningen – Slider
“Japanese psychedelic noise rockists. They must be witnessed. Caught by the River stage Saturday.”