New: The Cinematheque!

We are incredibly excited to announce a brand new trailblazing area curated by WOMEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE & THE VIOLET BOOK. THE CINEMATHEQUE, based in the beautiful Orangery Garden, will celebrate women in film, after a remarkable year of #timesup and tribulations in the film industry.

In its inaugural year, the Cinematheque has a rebellious spirit, celebrating the pioneers who paved the way, as well as fresh young voices redefining storytelling. Filmmakers, journalists, cinephiles, activists, and producers join us to delve into the fascinating world of film through the female lens.

Activism, action!

Acting up will be the theme for Friday with ACTIVISM, ACTION! looking at film used for social change. Actress LILY COLE will screen her short film about the refugee crisis in Greece, alongside the wonderfully inspiring NIMCO ALI who has dedicated her time to ending the practice of FGM.

On Saturday we’ll be chatting to the one and only Natasha Lyonne about how female directors have shaped her career and now stepping into the director’s chair herself.

Friday: Fighting Talk

Friday comes out of the blocks fighting with REVOLT, SHE SAID! a journey into the revolutionary side of women’s film making hosted by Club des Femmes.

Making Westwood

We keep up Fridays anarchic mood with LORNA TUCKER in conversation, talking about the rollercoaster ride of directing the Vivienne Westwood documentary “WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST.”

We close the night with a party celebrating WOMEN WHO ROCK at the Cinematheque and one of our secret Cinematheque screenings in the main house.

Saturday: The Big Shake-up

Saturday morning gets off to a heroic start with a kid’s screening of WONDER WOMAN featuring a DIY tiara and cuffs workshop (for the heroic parents that fancy an easy breakfast!).

Next we explore the idea of ANOTHER GAZE, hosted by the film journal of the same name, in conversation with directors including HOPE DICKSON LEACH and MANIA AKBARI (work pictured above).

Saturday faces

Saturday’s conversations kick off with two entertaining and witty women. Actress, writer and director DESIREE AKHAVAN talks to journalist HANNA HANRA about changing the mainstream narrative around sexuality and the recent success of her new feature THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST before Natasha Lyonne takes to the stage.

To conclude our Saturday conversations journalist SOPHIE HEAWOOD talks to ALISON OWEN, one of the UK’s leading film and television producers, (as well as being Lily Allen’s mum) who has blazed a trail for women in the industry.

Get the party started with Vogue-Chi

As the sun sets the wonderful VOGUE-CHI workshop, featured in KATHRYN FERGUSON’S film TAKING THE WATERS gets our bodies moving. This dance workshop hosted by Ted Rogers (pictured) combines VOGUEING and THI-CHI to wonderful effect.

Pull up to my Bumper

On Saturday, night trashy glamour reigns supreme in a mid 80s disco mash-up hosted by LION COFFEE RECORDS celebrating Grace Jones, Paris is Burning and the underground women of No-Wave. Classic vinyl will also be on sale! In the main house, the Cinematheque’s secret screening society will surprise you!

SUNDAY: It Felt Like Love

On Sunday, IT FELT LIKE LOVE will look at how women have expressed their desire through the lens with shorts curated by filmmaker Ruth Novaczek and author Sophie Mackintosh in conversation.

Sunday: Emily Mortimer premier

Emily Mortimer alongside director Anna Martemucci and producer Lizzie Nastro debut their new short film One Cambodian Family Please For My Pleasure

Sunday: Vital New Voices

ELOISE KING, a talented film maker in her own right, ex-global commissioner at Vice and founder of Women on Docs, helms the conversation with a group of young film makers who collectively give a sense of the excitement and possibility of short-form content online.

Their perspectives and style vary widely from JENN NKIRU (pictured), who just took the internet by storm with her visions of Blackness in  “REBIRTH IS NECESSARY”, to LUCY HARDCASTLE, who explores the tensions between physical and virtual worlds.

Lily Ashley closes our Sunday afternoon of VITAL NEW VOICES with her unique brand of poetic cabaret, designed to bring joy through music!