New for 2018! Wildlings Wood

Ladies and gentlefolk, we’re very pleased to introduce the great and grand Wildlings Wood, a brand new area for kids to run amock!

Deep in the woods, amongst the wild thicket of Magnolia trees is a magical forest glade where the most fierce and fancy beasties reside: a land where little ones can explore and dance and sing and laugh and forage and frolic all day long. Wildlings Wood is Port Eliot in miniature, created especially with young wildlings in mind, filled with brilliant talks, wondrous music and comic silliness on The Seedling Stage, and our resident magical wanderers who will be appear in a POOF of smoke to amaze and delight, and disappear just as quickly with a swish of their cloak. One thing’s for sure, you can expect the unexpected: there will be tons of amazing magical surprises to ignite young imaginations.

Wildlings Wood is all about participation: little ones will have myriad opportunities to get on stage, learn new skills or show off ones they already have, participate in games, speak and be listened to. The shy can happily watch and be entertained from the sidelines, whilst those who want to get stuck in will be given a platform and plenty of encouragement. If you fancy kicking back and watching the world go by, bring your picnic blanket and lose yourself in the goings on.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to the brilliant Rogue Theatre who have hosted our fabulous Hullaballoo children’s area for the past few years, loved by kids and ex-kids alike!