Plant Power to Supercharge your Port Eliot

Music, comedy, talks, fashion, flowers, world-class food, workshops – there’s no doubt that Port Eliot has all the ingredients for a busy weekend. With so much to see and do, you’ll want to feel your best to make the most of the long days and balmy evenings. In Lark’s Haven, there’ll be plenty to rejuvenate you, including the Pukka Tea Nature Reserve where you can relax, try teas, and absorb the Pukka magic. Katie Pande, Medical Herbalist and Senior Herbal Advisor at Pukka Herbs, shares her top tips to keep you energised, cool and without the dreaded hangover.

Katie Pande, Medical Herbalist and Senior Herbal Advisor

Naturally boost energy

Dancing and roaming around through the day and night requires lots of energy. To naturally prepare yourself for the dancing ahead, try ginseng – a natural energy booster that increases stamina. Ginseng provides energy without exhausting your adrenal glands and creating the common ‘energy-crash’ we get when taking more conventional stimulants and consuming high levels of caffeine.

Be on top form

Port Eliot is blessed with an exciting array of cuisines and treats to try. Bright foods, colourful berries or green and leafy vegetables are packed with antioxidants that are natural energy boosters as well as aiding a sluggish digestion.

Stay ‘regular’

Although the Port Eliot loos are about the nicest you’ll find at a festival, they might not be quite as comfy as your home bathroom; combined with a different diet and the odd drink, it’s no wonder that people have issues with regularity. A daily ‘movement’ cleanses the system as well as in-directly boosting energy levels. Look out for juicing and smoothie stands packed with fresh fruit and veg. Try and go for the whole fruit and veg option rather than just the juice itself as this will give you that all-important fibre.

The hangover

We all know that feeling of waking with the sun and suffering following the night before. If you feel like your body is in need of a good detox, classic green superfoods such as chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, kale or spinach can help to rid the body of any excesses. Essentially anything green, leafy or bitter are your hangover’s best friend. Feeling nauseous? Two very easy (and tasty) solutions are a cup of ginger or mint tea. Both help reduce feelings of sickness whilst also reviving your digestion.

Stay cool and hydrated

However tempting it is to always reach for the alcoholic beverage, keeping yourself topped up with water or hydrating herbal teas will actually help reduce that morning after feeling so you can carry on enjoying yourself the next day.

Drink plenty of cooling herbal teas of peppermint, chamomile, licorice, fennel and roses. These have a soothing effect on your thermostat and will help to rehydrate you. They don’t have to be piping hot: you can let them cool, bottle them and take them with you if you are out and about.

Ease any aches and pains

If your body is feeling the effects of walking around all weekend, Pukka’s Turmeric Active Oil will be on hand in our wellbeing area Larks Haven. Book yourself in for a massage and ask your therapist to work this wonderfully remedial plant medicine into a deep tissue massage, easing any inflammation to make you feel brand new again. For those who aren’t a fan of turmeric, the therapists will also be offering an oil made from scented plants and flowers that can be found in the Port Eliot garden.

Want to learn more?

If this has sparked your interest about herbal health, come and visit the Pukka Tea Nature Reserve during the festival itself for some face-to-face advice, or visit the online herbal advice hub Herbal Reality.