Poetry winner announced!

After many sleepless nights trawling through all 241 of our entries – the good, the bad, and the ones that made them lose the will to live – Rosy Carrick and Luke Wright have finally found their winner! Sim Smailes’ poem was chosen for being in the spirit of the limerick with it’s audacious rhymes and general lightness and frivolity…

In Cornwall they’ll soon be embarkin’
On a show that would cheer Philip Larkin
With great poets galore
It’s the lit-fest with more
And it’s even had John Cooper Clarke in!

Following closely behind in second place, was this limerick and haiku combo from Sasa Jankovic:

Port Eliot’s calling us, Laura!
(an old friend of mine – you’ll adore her)
Like you, she’s a classic,
but both of us brassic
is why I’d love two tickets for her.

(and me. One for her
plus one for me gives us two.
Hence extra haiku)

And also in runners up position was Annie Warmsley:

You are forgiven
For thinking the lights are stars
Strung through dreams of trees

And Deblores Tycklemore:

Tycklemore Goats should
Be on the line-up, that’s a
Band I’d like to see

These will all be read out by Luke and Rosy on the Poetry Stage (8pm Friday), along with judge’s favourites from Clare Owen, Harry Man, Rachel Helliwell, Daniel Tripp, Andrew Bilewycz, Deborah Wright, Amy O’Sullivan, Dom Moore, Sylvia Lowe, Rachel Summers, Amy Hodgkinson, Cynthia Bors, Julia Young, David James Reakes (I met Bill Drummond…) and Jo Tatam.

Well done! And thank you so much to the rest of you for your entries.

See you at the fest.