Port Eliot’s youngest film-makers

We’re a little bit jealous of the workshops young people have chance to do in our youth venue Pulse – everything from a music lesson from the bassist of Grace Jones and an introduction to documentary film making from professional directors.

This year, we were lucky enough to have award-winning producer and directors Mike Cunliffe – who produces and directs major TV projects for BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and ITV – and Mark Woodward who specialises in wildlife science and adventure programmes.

This workshop was all about showing the creative process of documentary film-making – from initial idea (the most important bit, by the way) through to the editing. Participants used footage from any ol’ mobile phone to create their masterpiece.

The most fun thing about it, according to Mike? The experiment. The next generation of film-makers were given all the tools they needed to produce a documentary, including an iMac edit suite and accompanying editor, and free rein to direct whatever sort of film they wanted. No one knew what might come back at the end.

And the results were… well, have a look, won’t you.

What do you do for fun? Produced by Ethan Jones and Coco Bond, and Directed by Lily Jones

Port Eliot is… Produced and Directed by Darcey Fauset and Amabel Baring

Food, Gin and Mint-Choc-Chip! Produced and Directed by George Fauset & Thomas Carew Pole