THANK YOU! And goodnight.

The highlights gallery

Well, wasn’t that a belter? If you missed it; we’re sorry – it might just have been our best ever. We were blessed with blazing sunshine all weekend, which made our estuary and gardens a delight to roam, and you lot were on fine form. This year’s line-up really knocked it out of the park too; just try telling us you didn’t discover at least five new brilliant things. We’ve got a whole list.

There’s a film on the way, and we’ll sling it over when it’s ready, but beyond that… who knows when you’ll hear from us again. We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, some of you for a great many years.

Now, let’s soothe the pain and the (very) lingering hangover with a trip back to the magic of the festival: see the absolutely beautiful 2019 highlights gallery.

Please be upstanding for the team!

Port Eliot Festival could be many things, but this particular, unique blend of people make a special sort of magic happen. Now, if you’ll indulge us for a moment… please give a huge, great big round of applause, from wherever you happen to be sitting, to all these most excellent people (and the few who are missing here). It’s a bit small, but you can zoom in and have a good look at our faces here.


Your feedback, please!

Although we won’t be running the festival next year, we’d still really like to know what you thought of it. Please let us know your comments (good and bad) on our feedback questionnaire here.

And here’s what a few others are saying.

“It was blissful. And it didn’t feel like the end of the Port Eliot story.” – Will Hodgkinson, The Times

The festival brought a wide array of culture not previously seen in Cornwall but also ensured our own abundant talents had a stage too, in a setting that’s about as bucolic and beautiful as it’s possible to find.” – Cornwall Live

“It has been a wonderful thing, let’s hope it returns one day.”  – Robin Ince

“@PortEliotFest was FANTASTIC! Pray it’s not the last ever…?” – Dawn French

“We must save that festival Dawn. It was beautiful.” – Russell Brand

“Let’s all trespass next year and tell each other stuff whilst doing a bit of woodwork” – Shappi Khorsandi