The Party Edit

We like the party, we got to boogie.

Just a few days to go until this year’s Port Eliot Festival, and we are getting really, really excited. The outfits are lined up, the drinks are on ice, and we’re limbering up for all the dancing we’ll be doing. When the clock strikes midnight, and the tiddlers toddle off to bed, there’s always mischief to be found…


You’ll have to find it first: The Boogie Round

Our secret late-night party venue in the heart of an enormous laurel bush runs til sunrise every morning…

This year, Futureboogie will be making you dance on the Friday, infamous party animals Alfresco Disco will be running the show on Saturday night, and then Bella&Belinda and Susan’s Leg Policy are dropping the electro-Latin on Sunday night. And there’ll be all the usual suspects – ahem – resident DJs, who’ve been keeping your hips shaking since 2011.

Dead Man’s Fingers: cocktails galore

For the best made-to-order cocktails, head to the bar up near the Bowling Green where mixologists from the Rum + Crab Shacks in St Ives and Exeter conjure some of the finest drinks at the festival, featuring Cornwall’s favourite spiced rum: Dead Man’s Fingers.

A banging line-up Thursday to Sunday, featuring DJs Aaron Fletcher (77:78, The Bees), None More Records soundsystem, Joe (Metronomy), Pete Fowler, Wild Fantasy and Futureboogie (Felix Dickinson & Dave Harvey).

Caught by the River: audiobooks, Gwenno & Baxter

On Thursday evening, we’ll be firmly stationed at Caught by the River for the big triple: audiobooksGwenno and Baxter Dury.

Friday night, it’s Teleman followed by Dads on Drugs (Geoff Barrow and Tom Friend). And on Saturday, the late night acts win everything: Confidence Man is on at 11pm, followed by the absolute treat that is Justin Robertson and Andrew Weatherall, on ’til 2am.

It’s all about Friday in The Ace of Clubs…

When the lights go down, The Ace of Clubs steps up a notch. A wild party of Bacchanalian proportions, with cabaret, jumped up beats and a circus feel, if you remember any of your evening, you’ll suspect it was a dream.

Friday night is going to be BIG. It all kicks off with an Evening in Space with Daphne Guinness and duo Hat Fitz and Cara… and ends with the Rambunctuous Social Club and Malavita!

And every night at the stroke of midnight, nimble folk in leotards will be swinging from ropes just outside.

Black Cow Saloon: shake it

If vodka made from cow’s milk isn’t a big enough draw on its own, the Black Cow Saloon also host the most rocking hootenanny on site.

A few highlights include William the Conqueror on Thursday night, The Grahams on Friday and rocker Emily Breeze on Saturday. But mostly we’ll be there for the campfire chat and the vodka.

Park Stage picks from the Port Team

Jimothy Lacoste will be on the Park Stage cranking the VIBES-O-METER up to 11 on Friday.

On Saturday, head to The Idler for a dub set from Youth  ’til 10, and then straight onto the legendary Gaz Coombes on the Park at 10.30pm.

On Sunday, don’t miss our grand finale on the Park, the brilliant Onipa, formed from members of Nubiyan Twist and K.O.G.

And, on the Poetry Stage each night, there’ll be dancing with the Cut-Throat Bitches DJ Collective.

And finally… don’t forget to look up!

One of our Friday night headliners: the moon! Come and find Dartmoor Skies at 9pm on Friday near the pampas grass for a guided total-lunar-eclipse experience, or just watch it from wherever you are at the festival.