Ace of Clubs & Outside Stage

Cornwall knows how to party! As the sun sets over the Estate, Port Elioters don their finest frippery to hit the ‘town’. The Ace of Clubs is the late night heart of the festival and a top choice for carrying on well into the wee hours.

Expect frenetic folk, jumped up beats, wild cabaret and a party of Bachinalean proportions that you probably won’t remember in the morning!

The Bowie Lounge

Zac Stone

Garaghty and Thom

Nancy Trotter Landry: Epinephrine

The 45’s

Indian Man

Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip

The Trees

Ma Bessie, The Musical

Big Boss Man

Break Beat Bandits

James & Black

The Art of Dance

Half Kut

The Native

Goonzion Quartet

The Datura Roots Collective

Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits

The Viewers

Vince Lee

Simon Spoons

Global Harmony

The Rezner

The Red River Hogs

The Oggymen

Horses On The Beach

Louis Alberry

Charlie Louise

Java Five

The Sierra Band

Abigail Collins: “Une Femme Exposée”

Leigh Delamere & The Gordanos

Morrisey & Marshall


Dana Immanual and the Stolen Band

The Andy Quick Band