Great Outdoors

We heartily encourage people to go a little wild and make the most of Port Eliot’s 6000 acres when they come to the festival.  We want to share this beautiful place with you so there are a huge range of outdoor activities designed to make Port Eliot feel like a holiday, not just a festival.

The estuary provides the setting for some unforgettable festival moments. At high tide, dozens of people shake off the cobwebs with a brisk swim; at low tide, they benefit from the restorative powers of the estuary’s natural mud bath.There’s canoeing for those who prefer to be on the water, rather than in it; guided riverside running for the energetic amongst you and yoga and Tai Chi for those who prefer a more relaxed pace.

As always, the world renowned Port Eliot gardens will be in fine summer fettle and are yours for the exploring, either at your own leisure or on one of our guided tours. We’ll also be going a little further afield for our ever popular foraging walks.

And when the sun goes down, the wonderful Dartmoor skies will take us on a stellar journey through the galaxy at their nightly stargazing sessions.

Adventure well Port Elioters!

‘Green Prescription’ with Teri Hatcher

The Professional Mermaid


Survival Wisdom Masterclasses

Viking Encampment

Astronomy Adventures with Dartmoor Skies

Foraging Along the River


The Bounty River Trips

Bee Trail Workshop

Festival Sketchbook Workshop

Museum of Witchcraft Nightwalks

Meet the Trees: A Guided Tour of Port Eliot’s Top Timbers

The Woodland Creche

Stargazing Free-For-All with Dartmoor Skies

Basecamp Gourmet with Kieran Creevy

Wild Swimming

Alice in Wonderland Treasure Hunt

Wild Singing

A Mid Summer Wassail

Campfire Skills: Dinner in the Woods

Foraging for Medicine

Into the Wild Poo Yonder: Wildlife Tracks and Signs

Kernow Springs Hot Tubs & Spa

Canadian Canoeing

Flint and Steel Overnight Camp-Out

Woodland Sing and Play