Makers’ Tent

We know you love to workshop – so we’re very excited to present the Makers’ Tent where you can get up close and personal with some of our most brilliant makers and craftspeople. Here you will be able to learn new skills and brush up on your old ones whilst browsing through the gorgeous gifts and goods made by the fair hands of our workshop providers. Choose from a huge variety of workshops including pottery, screen printing, botanical illustration, travel writing, fresh flower arrangements and paper flower making, life drawing, fermenting, shoe-making, calligraphy and herbal first aid.

You can either buy your ticket in advance here or head to the Makers’ Tent Reception when you arrive onsite to buy one of the tickets we’ve held back.

If you would rather just watch you can grab a cake and a coffee from the Makers’ Tent cafe and soak in the creative atmosphere!

Morano Beading: Mind, Body and Spirit

Bookbinding with Kate Holland

Block Printing with Molly Mahon

Luci Cast Leather Workshops

The Forge

Pottery Throwing with Pop Up Pots

Juta Shoes Workshops: Espadrilles and Card Wallets

Fermental Health – Sauerkraut and Ginger Beer

Screenprint a Port Eliot tote bag

Paper Flower Making

Wild Cocktail Making

Make a Zoetrope Workshop

Fresh Flower Workshops: Crowns and Wristlets

Life Drawing Class

Speckled Pen Children’s Fiction Writing (for adults)

Travel Writing for Adventurers

Modern Calligraphy

Wild Beer Talk and Tasting

Upcycled Jewellery Workshop

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Vintage Swimming Hat Workshop

The Cider Box presents: Cider vs Cheese

Festival Headdresses with Lancaster & Cornish

Herbal First Aid

Botanical Illustration