If you feel you might have outgrown the Children’s Area, come and drop into Pulse, the Young Adults tent – there’s loads going on. It’s on the map, on the right hand side of the Park towards the Campsite.

There’s music, table games and a tuck shop.

Workshop sessions include instant juggling with the famous Haggis Macleod, a bass playing masterclass with Grace Jones’ Malcolm Joseph,  and a chance to make a documentary film of the festival on your own mobile phone using a fully professional editing suite.

We’ll be listening to top songwriters Emily Phillips and Crispin Hunt talking about how to get your songs spruced up and on the radio and the unique Mik Artistik will be showing you how to make up songs by Wordy Wirewalking. There’s a couple of other workshops to learn how to make up hiphop rhymes and some rap sessions with Megan Chapman – MCMC

It’s a cool place to hang out, bands playing in the evening and it’s open until midnight. Come and have a look at the board there and see what’s happening.