Sipsmith’s Gin Shop

Under the reign of William IV, as the newly-invented streetlamp lit the darkest corners of London, a new type of drinking establishment began to emerge. These havens of juniper-laced delights became known as Gin-Shops; raucous palaces serving thirsty Londoners the very finest spirits and punches. 

Passionate gin pioneers Sipsmith are reviving this proud London institution and returning to Port Eliot with The Sipsmith Gin Shop. Extolling the virtues of their hand crafted London Dry Gin – along with a selection of the latest inventions from their infamous Distillery Lab. Previous creations have included Marmite and Strawberries & Cream flavour gins, so do pop by and sip on their latest Gin-Shop wares. 

They’ll also be reviving campers each morning with delicous Red Snappers and Bloody Mary’s served from Mary’s Bloody Ambulance so keep a look out on your campsite wanderings.