The House

Port Eliot has never had green rooms or VIP areas. This extends to the house, which is open to all during the festival.

There are over 100 rooms in the house. Some of the larger rooms are used as venues during the festival including the vast Soane Round Room – with its heroic and brooding mural by Robert Lenkiewicz.

There’s The Drawing Room with its chandelier of flowers and feathers.

The Big Dining Room has hosted many films over the years, with Ralph Steadman and Anita Pallenberg showing their own home movies.

The labyrinthine basement, a village in itself at more than 100 yards long, hosts the Fodder Show and the gigantic two storey Georgian kitchen is used by the chefs to prep for their demonstrations.

On Sunday festivalgoers can explore the whole house on one of our guided tours – a lovely opportunity to uncover the mysteries of Port Eliot House, which is thought to be the longest continually inhabited residence in the UK.