A journey into sound with Lucy Keaveny

Rose, Steve and Scott Princep of Your Time To Relax have teamed up with Lucy Keaveny to create a magical journey into sound.

This immersive experience provides an opportunity to express gratitude for the natural bounty all around and focus on the turning of the wheel of the year as we move from Midsummer to the first of three harvest festivals. You will be surrounded by the sounds of various gongs, singing bowls and chime pipes along with the most wonderfully deep resounding heartbeat of Galdrastafir, the magical stave drum. The occasionally fairy-like Koshi chimes provide a counter-point, wandering from person to person, and helping create a space for you to float away into your own otherworldly dimension, leaving earthly restraints far behind.

Your Time To Relax will also be offering personal (individual, couples or small groups) sound journeys on request in their tipi.