Blue Mind

Lizzi Larbalestier is a Coastal Coherence Coach working in the littoral zone (the space between land and see). Her coaching practice incorporates applied environmental psychology, harnessing the health benefits of time spent within Blue Space. Her MA research into “ambiguity leverage” led to a deliberately informal practice that combines philosophical discussion, provocative debate and disarming humour, encouraging us all to connect with “awe” and to embrace “squirliness”.

Lizzi is a professional ICF credentialed Executive Coach, NLP trainer, yoga teacher and trainer of Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (which blends neuroscience and esoteric wisdom). As an ambassador for the Blue Mind movement her emphasis on the role water plays in our lives and the impact of wild water upon our wellbeing is evident throughout her work. From the language we use to the metaphors we create, connecting more deeply with our oceans, lakes and rivers can help us to create a more fluid state of mind and body. This water-centric workshop will help you navigate the “space between” and to truly reconnect with your analogue reality.