Curious Conversations with Ryan James

Curious Conversations help transform old problems into new possibilities, enabling people to fulfil their creative potential in all they do in life and work. With curiosity anything is possible.

For the Curious Conversations founder, Ryan James, any problem in life, love, business and beyond is an opportunity to get curious and learn new things – hence the name ‘Curious Conversations’ and their mission to make it readily accessible to all. Ryan is also a trained coach, group facilitator and practising Buddhist, and used to co-run his own design agency. He’s also Stephen Merchant’s doppelganger.

The Curious Conversations workshops will be:

1)How to transform your life and your luck with a simple vision board. Explore the basics of vision-boarding and learn how to make the law of attraction work to your advantage.

2) Who are you? You are beautiful. You are extraordinary. You are the very definition of love. Come and connect, be seen and accepted in this moment, and remind yourself of who you really are and what really matters.