Dreamcatcher Making

Always wanted to make a dreamcatcher? Well, here’s your chance! Lauren from It Was All A Dream will guide you through the steps of this ancient crafting ritual so you end up with your very own willow dreamcatcher to take home. IWAAD stands for the power of manifestation and the deep healing and nourishing quality that comes with mindful crafting. In a world full of screens and anxiety it’s more important than ever to make the space to reconnect with yourself, to shift into feeling instead of incessant thinking. By working with our hands, we connect to our bodies and in turn, strengthen our instincts and primal senses that we so easily lose touch with in today’s world. Come and weave intentions for yourself or simply take the lid off and let those zesty creative juices transform your energy.

Make your own willow dreamcatcher from 100% natural materials. Steps and techniques demonstrated. Allow 1.5-2.5 hours, depending on how elaborate you want yours to be. Includes a canvas bag should you decide you want to get started and take it with you to pick up on your own time throughout the festival.