Keren Cooksey

Keren Cooksey has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching for fifteen. She is one of a few Lotus Flow ™ teachers in the UK,
a style that incorporates myth, mudra, mantra and creative sequencing alongside a rocking playlist to ensure classes are uplifting and fun. Keren is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and is director of Falmouth Yoga Space and the teacher training school there.

She will be hosting three workshops:

1) The Goddess Flow – a feminine creative vinyasa flow tapping into the grace and strength of the Hindu Devis: Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

2) The Rasa Wheel Flow – a tantric vinyasa class looking at the light and shadow of our self and our practice.

3) Myth, mudra, mantra and movement – come and get your creative juices flowing with a class incorporating storytelling, chanting and a creative vinyasa flow.