Psy Card Readings

A Psyche Card reading offers a chance for a period of calm and mindfulness. It allows you the opportunity to explore the areas of life that may usually go unnoticed, to reflect and consider where you are in life’s journey, and where you want to be. It is a particularly lovely way to start the day, like a stretch for your unconscious mind.

Psyche Cards were designed with the principles of Jungian psychotherapy at their heart but they are also inspired by Celtic traditions and storytelling to create a conversation between the readers and the inquirers.

Some will see these cards as fortune telling, but equally, they are about enabling each of us to consider the influences at work in our lives which dictate the paths and choices we make.

The experience of a Psyche Card reading is always illuminating, often empowering but most of all, provides a gentle structure to promote conversation and thought.

For people aged 16 and older.