The Resplendent Mutton Show

Rose Rouse and Suzanne Noble are the co-founders of Advantages of Age, a social enterprise, an online magazine – – and a Facebook group that challenges media stereotypes around ageing. They are the punks of getting older.

Last year, they received an ACE award and made a film “Death Dinner” in which a group of them – including a soul midwife and an academic who specializes in death rituals – talked in an open way about death and dying.

They also host performances around the taboos of getting older – in other words, sex and death – and finally organized a Flamboyant Forever bus with 80 people aged over 50 dressed up in the wildest of non-fashion.

In this Advantages of Age Revue, they will explore the taboos of getting older through poetry, readings and performance. This mix of death, sex and rock n’roll is delivered by four women decked out in all their resplendent mutton finery. There will be a Taboo-athon at the end, at which you are invited to join in!