You spoke, we listened

The results of our feedback questionnaire are in – gigantic thanks to those who took the time to fill it in. Your feedback is already helping to shape next year’s festival. Here’s a rundown of your favourite bits from this year, what you think we could do better, and what we’re doing to improve the fest for next year.

Favourite venues and areas

Top marks to The Walled Garden: your favourite area for a second year. We wonder if the proximity of the oyster bar had anything to do with that.

1. Walled Garden
2. Caught by the River
3. Bowling Green
4. Park Stage
5. Idler

What do you love most about coming to Port Eliot?

Your top motivation for coming to the festival was to spend time with your loved ones. And we love that this is where you choose to do it.

1. Spending time with friends and family
2. Eclectic line-up
3. Setting
4. Relaxation

Which bit of the line-up is most important to you?

Music is your number one priority when it comes to our line-up. For those joining us for the weekend next year, you should know that our Thursday music line-up is shaping up to be a belter, with Baxter Drury already confirmed as the headliner for our Caught by the River stage.

1. Music
2. Authors and talks
3. Food & drink
4. Intimate size
5. Comedy
6. Workshops

What did you enjoy the most this year?

1. The food: “Wow. the food is exceptional.” – “the variety of food available was surprisingly good, I actually left the festival feeling really healthy!“

2. Poetry Stage
3. Setting
4. Fashion
5. Workshops

What could we improve on?

1. Better provision for the weather

We hear you. This year was unprecedented in terms of the weather – highest annual tides and biblical rain conspired to give us our most challenging site conditions to date.

Next year, we’re investing in more canopies for sheltering, whether it’s from rain or sun, including spaces near our food stalls for eating. We will also reduce number of vehicles on site to protect ground from getting so muddy. No doubt the weather will be glorious anyway, but we’ll be ready if it isn’t.

This year, we hired in extra trackway for the live-in vehicle field, woodchip and gravel for the car parks, and we had three tractors on standby to tow vehicles, but they weren’t needed because Sunday’s sunshine thankfully turned things around.

2. Loud music goes on too late

Some of you said that music went on too late and was too loud in the camping areas, and this is something we plan to address next year. We want to make sure everyone gets their 40 winks, particularly those of you with little ones (but the rest of you too!). We’ll be reviewing opening times of venues across the board, particularly those closest to the campsites, and we’ll be working with a noise management company to assess positioning and noise levels for our late night venues, so we can keep the party going without disturbing those who want some rest.

3. More toilets & showers

Lots of you requested more toilets and showers, and we’ll be putting in extras next year. We’ll also be ensuring they’re cleaned more regularly. Servicing our toilets this year was made much more difficult because of the weather, but we’ll be improving roadways for site vehicles so that even the worst of weather conditions won’t impede it.

4. More signage please

Many of you said you found it hard to find stages, particularly if you were new to the festival. We’ll be looking to improve signage for next year.

5. More free workshops/activities

Although we do charge for workshops that have material costs, there’s absolutely tons to do on site for free. We’ll do more to tell you what they are.

6. More available spaces on workshops

You told us that you struggled to get a place on your favourite workshops because tickets sold out so quickly, so we plan to do fewer advance ticket sales next year and hold more workshop tickets back to be sold at the festival.

7. Poetry Stage – can we have a bigger tent please?

We are so happy to hear how much you all loved it. We might make it slightly bigger, but the intimate feel is important to us. Well done to our programmers Luke Wright and Rosy Carrick on the Poetry Stage’s debut year!