Young Writers Competition (hosted by Charlie Higson!)

This year, Port Eliot Festival is delighted to launch a young writers competition.

In collaboration with best-selling children’s book author and award-winning Fast Show and Down the Line comedian Charlie Higson, we’re inviting budding young wordsmiths to write a short story of up to 500 words, themed around this summer’s festival. The competition is open to children up to the age of 14, and the best ten best submissions will win tickets for themselves and their families to the Port Eliot Festival in South East Cornwall at the end of July (25-28th). The best stories will be read out on stage and the winner will receive a trophy, signed books and a free ticket to the festival FOR LIFE! 

Charlie Higson will be judging the competition and revealing the winner at a special event on the Sunday of the festival, alongside Craig Green, award winning children’s book author and Associate Lecturer of Children’s Literature at Falmouth University.

Charlie has provided the first line of the story, to kick things off:  “I’d always had a cool time at the Port Eliot Festival, but this year, as soon as the band came on I knew something very, very bad was going to happen. I should have guessed from their name, really. If a band calls themselves (INSERT YOUR OWN MADE UP BAND NAME HERE) you know there’s going to be trouble…”

Entry to the competition will close on Monday 8th July at midnight, and the ten winners will be notified by 16th July. The one ultimate winner will be announced at the festival.

Please enter with the help of your guardian or teacher below.

And you can read Charlie’s writing tips here.